Charity Digital Marketing

Purpose of this Website

I have shut my business as it was set up to explore the world of web design and get me some experience. Now I am looking to volunteer for small to medium sized charities in Hampshire.


I have performed Search engine marketing on nearly all the websites i’ve made, using a mixture of onsite, plus offsite search engine marketing. I have started reading up on Google Garage to get Google Garage SEO certificates; but before that I was able to find the right books and perform SEO campaigns resulting on advertising savings to my clients, before Google Garage SEO training existed. I completed Search Engine Work on all but the PC Repair Shop’s Website, (which later moved into the back of Southsea Inks), and Academy Blinds London’s website in both cases they did not want me to and it has cost them financially. I have attained over 30 certificates from They can be found on my website on the page. As well as the websites I made, (shown below), I performed search engine marketing on the John Pounds Centre’s website, (this is a multi-million pound organisation). They said I did admirably.

The websites I have made for clients as commercial experience include:,,,, and I also started to make this website and have made this demo ecommerce website using Woo Commerce as well as my own on website .

I’m also mature and focused. I also have a lot of free time, which I use getting up to speed on new technologies as well as exercise and ponder life.

I’m looking to build my portfolio of digital marketing companies. I would like to work for medium to large ethical organisations, who may give me a job as a result of good performance, or training in an area of there company that will lead to a job within there organisation. If not please can you make that clear at the beginning, or state the terms and conditions under which you will give me paid work.

I will also need access to your web traffic data, as search engine work can be soul destroying when people do not tell you the truth about how many phone calls, or leads you are getting them.